A Few Things You Should Never Do With Your Beard

All the men who wear beards know there comes a time when you need some beard maintenance. Yes, it is nice to have a beard. Although, it should not be nice to let your beard look like the Walking Dead season 9. You know the season where nobody pays attention to it and the main character Rick Grimes is shagged with the ugliest beard you ever seen. Never let that beard grow on you. Trim beard and wash with the best beard shampoo and conditioner to get the best beard shine. Imperative, that you perform this task each week or at least each month. You got to have your beard looking like you care about your life to the public. Some tips I think you should follow to give you good beard conditions.

Don’t Pick a Beard Style That Doesn’t Fit

All men want a beard, but they must make sure the beard they wants fits them. Does the beard style fit you? Is it something you would wear even if people laughed at you? These are serious questions you need to ask if you want to grow beard. When you start growing that beard, your going to deal with a lot of judgments. So, you better be ready to wear that beard. The only way to fight it is to use a beard that makes you comfortable in your skin. Don’t try something that looks good on another man. Try something that makes you stronger in every aspect. Something makes you feel that you are not required to follow trends. That you are an individual that wants to be someone and that your life matters. Choosing a beard style specific to that will help you decide.

A Few Things You Should Never Do With Your Beard

Go the Gym and Work Out

Working out at the gym or in general is a shore. But, your beard needs the good work out. Sweat makes the body burn out chemicals it doesn’t need and gain chemicals it needs for growth. You want your body to grow and be better? Head out to that gym and make it happen. Get your muscles pumped in arms, legs, chest, and then some. Make every part of your body become better and get rid of bad chemicals lying deep in it. Increase the beard hairs on face that want to grow by making the body strong. Studies have been shown that working out increases testosterone which increases the will power for hair on your face to grow. Make your hair grow longer and patch up the spots that need to be patched by working out week to week. Now, you don don’t have to work out every week. But, if you did you would gain a higher chance of growing more facial hair. With this in mind, work out each week to help your beard look more like a beard. Beard is part of man hood and so it comes with the pain.

Don’t Drink Too Much Beer

Drinking too much beer is not a great idea. Beer makes your water levels go down. Find yourself full of thirst and chapped lips. If you can not stop drinking beer, then wash beard regularly each week with best beard shampoo and conditioner. Should help your beard hydrate to a level where it can grow better. By all means, try to keep the beer drinking to minimum. I know you like the taste and thoughts going out the door. But, your beard does not like it. It longs for something that makes mind better and stronger. Beer is only good in small instances like cigarettes. Too much will cause problems. So, try to drink less beer. Find so0mething else to bite on or drink. Me, I like to drink coke and lemonade. Sometimes, I found my self drinking cranberry juice. Choose something else to drink then beer.