Growing a Beard for Beginners

Ok, you want to grow a beard and who could blame you. Beards are very trendy now. You see them on pop stars and movie stars around the world. Yeah every man wants one to be like the greats. However, not every man has the power to grow one. DNA is the reason why. Some men are not capable of growing a beard for long term. Sadly, I wish I could grow a beard too but I can’t. I can only use best natural oil for bead growth and other methods to grow something more. Watch the hairs on my face patch in little by little. Deal with whatever missing hair I can’t grow back. For the most part, I have manage to get a few spots to grow. Surely, the oils and steps I use each week can help you. Below I have an oil that can cause ti to grow more a little.

Eat Sweet Potatoes for Beard Growth

Eating does help you grow more hair. Only applies to eating some foods. For instance, certain foods like sweet potatoes you ate on Thanksgiving can give you a burst in beard growth. Beta-carotene is high in sweet potatoes and your body needs it for facial hair growth. One reason your hair is not growing enough is because the hair is not receiving all of its chemicals. Help your body receive necessary chemicals by eating sweet potatoes. Further, vitamin A is in sweet potatoes and you need vitamin in to make blood circulate faster. A high speed in blood circulation means a high chance of dormant face hairs to grow. Eat sweets for a few months and see what happens. This method might work for you.

Do Certain Exercises to Make Beard Grow

Exercise can assist a man in growing facial hair. Exercise is not just for the body. Resistance training is the new training you can take in the gym or at home. Do it to increase beard growth. In short, resistance training is when you move weights in slow motion. Pull your muscles in slow movements and hold weight. Feel the weight having more gravity then it would if you lifted the weights in fast sessions. Daily, apply resistance training to your routine to have more hair grow on face. Pain will feel different and rough. But, you’re a man and these feeling you have come with every big choice you make.

Additionally, you can sleep for longer hours. Sleeping longer than the usual 8 hours can cause body to grow more. Most testosterone is produced when you sleep. Body needs more sleep to gain more testosterone which helps your beard grow.

Maximize Genetics to Grow More Facial Hair

Maximizing genetics to grow more face hair you got sounds like a strange thing to say, but it is not a strange thing because you can do it. One way, use the best natural oil for beard growth on the market. Spread the oil on your face each day while washing. Soothing oil will seep in and eliminate all substances preventing facial from growing. Process won’t happen too soon. Although, it will happen if you give it 6 months. Another way, wash the beard often. You might wash ti every night but you should make sure you do a deep clean. Use the best beard shampoo and clean it inside out. At the end, your beard will be more capable of growing the way you want it too.