How Much Weight Can You Lose by Sweating?

Who doesn’t want a slimmer waistline? And what if you can get that by sweating? How much weight can you lose by sweating? It all can happen very easily, and all you need to do is buy the best sweat belt for weight loss. Every person, no matter the gender, wants a waistline with no fat at all. With a sweat belt, you can achieve that goal very easily.

How Much Weight Can You Lose by Sweating?

Sweat belts are famous for weight loss because they promote weight loss, even if you are doing your normal household chores. You can lose the side fat and your belly fat with this; if you wonder where you can buy the best sweat belt for weight loss, then look for it on any online website. 

There are so many benefits of buying these belts from online stores.

Some of the benefits are

  • You can easily find your size on online websites. Some of the local stores only have specific sizes, or they don’t keep these at all. But your wish can be easily fulfilled on the online website. 
  • You get to buy the best sweat belt for weight loss, and at the best price, you could imagine. There are so many sellers, and they will keep the best prices to keep up with the competition. 
  • You will get the product right at your doorstep, and you can also return it or exchange it if you don’t like the product. 
  • Most of the sellers and websites provide you a 100% money-back guarantee. If, by any chance, you don’t like the product and the belt is not the right material for you, just hit return and get your money back. 
  • You can also get more products related to weight loss at the same place. There are so many offers and deals, and there is a fair chance that you will get the belt for a really low price.

How Much Weight Can You Lose by Sweating?

What is the best way to use a slimming/ sweat belt?

It is really important that you buy the best sweat belt for weight loss first. When you have the best quality product, you can get the best results also. It would help if you considered this that you must be wearing the belt on your skin. There should be direct contact between the belt and your skin.

You can wear the belt by wrapping it around your abdomen. You can wear clothes over the belt. When you wear the belt underneath your clothes, it gives your body a slimmer look. When you wear the belt, you will feel no sweat coming out of the belt, and you can do your normal work. You have to let the belt do its work and lose all the extra water in your skin.

You can wear it anytime you want, and after you take it off, you will see your abdomen will be soaking wet with sweat. After you are done for the day, it is important that you wash the slimmer belt and hang it somewhere to dry. You should not wear it again without washing because there are higher chances of foul odor.

There are three sizes of the slimmer belt, small, medium, and large. The small belt is for around 38-inch waist, the medium one is for up to 44-inch waist, and the large size is for a 50-inch waist. You can buy the best sweat belt for weight loss according to your size and get in shape easily.

What are the various benefits of using slimmer belts?

There are so many benefits of wearing a sweat belt apart from its slimming effects. A slimmer belt indeed works like a corset for people who have a lot of belly fat. You can see the instant difference in the body after wearing the sweat belt. Don’t need to wear baggy clothes to hide your belly fat; you can wear this belt and show up in the fitted clothes you always wanted to wear.

Now let’s get to the other benefits that you can get from sweat belts:

  1. Back support: People who suffer from excessive back trauma wear belts on their waists to keep their backs straight. When people hunch while sitting, that can cause pain. But if you want to lose weight and you have suffering back, buy the best sweat belt for weight loss, and it will work for both things. It will give your back the proper support and posture that it needs.
  2. Wear it anywhere: Slimmer belts can help you get a lot of confidence. You don’t have to be conscious about the fat anymore. You can wear this belt underneath your clothes, and you will see the instant difference in your look. Having a healthy and fit body is everyone’s dream, and this belt can help you achieve that very easily.
  3. Diet control: When you are wearing something for weight loss, it is also like a reminder to eat in control. You can wear them for as much as the time you want for once. The suggested time period is 1-2 hours. 
  4. Improves the posture: Many people are advised to wear something on their backs so that they will sit straight. People these days are mostly working while sitting, which can cause bad posture for many people. If you buy the best sweat belt for weight loss, it will help you lose weight while sitting and keeping your posture in check.
  5. Improved selfconfidence: When you can look your best, and you are wearing whatever you want to, you will see a boost in your confidence. With the help of more confidence, you will be able to work more efficiently towards your goals. If you work harder, you will be able to get the desired results in less time also.

The bottom line

Using a slimmer/ sweat belt can indeed help you to lose weight. But if you want a better result, you need to work harder and not only rely on the belt. There is no way this belt will get you the results if you don’t take care of your diet. It is also suggested that you wear the belt for only 1 or 2 hours so that your body can get the heat level at normal.

Can Hair Grow Back After Balding?

It is highly required to understand the science of baldness, what happens if someone faces the baldness problems? You need to understand the basics of baldness, and the bald scalps are not able to regrow your hair, it happens in one in millions of cases, that someone has re-grown the hair after balding. You can say that the scalps are dead if we use the word as bald scalps. And once the scalps died, they cannot grow new hairs on your head.

Can Hair Grow Back After Balding?

Hair Grow

We talked about the bald scalp, that if the scalp dies once they cannot regrow your hair. But that doesn’t all of your hair don’t grow back. It takes longer than usual to grow your hair back. But you will see that it is not satisfactory to yourself. That is why people have questions like Can Hair Grow Back After Balding? It means lots of people are suffering from the balding problem. So, they want to know about best balding shampoos that can stop their hair fall. So, be with us and go ahead with the article to decide which shampoo suits best for your hair fall.

Things You should know before buying Hair Fall products

Sometimes people start changing their shampoos and hair oil if it doesn’t give the results in a short time; this is what people should not do with their hair. They should check all the products by using them at least 8 to 10 times. If the product gives the results, you should stick to that product to get the desired results. Changing the products frequently will not provide the desired results. Once you find the right product that works better for you, don’t try to change it. So, you can search the products for your hair fall and try it multiple times. Whatever the product you decide to use should have the main content of Ketoconazole, because it is the most active ingredient that is useful in natural hair growth.

Can Hair Grow Back After Balding?

Best Balding Shampoos

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Shampoo

This shampoo is known as Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo. This shampoo works best for your hair fall problems and hair loss treatments because it gives combined effects of reducing the hair fall, and it gives stimulating hair growth. The main reason that you should use this shampoo is that it remains stuck on your hair until it’s absorbed by your hair. It doesn’t get evaporated in the hair, and that’s why it’s useful in getting quick results. The shampoo is scientifically proven, the third party has tested the product for its effectiveness. It comes with the money-back guarantee, to show its effectiveness. This shampoo is one of the costliest hair fall shampoos. So, you can say that only one drawback it has is the cost of the shampoo itself. If you have a question that Can Hair Grow Back After Balding? If you are looking for Best Balding Shampoos, you should go for this product. Because it’s one of the most effective shampoos available in the market.

Lipogaine Big-5 Natural Shampoo

This is reckoned as the best balding shampoo comes with the castor oil, which has anti-fungal properties and anti-bacterial properties. It helps in saving your scalps from infection, and it fights against dandruff. The organic ingredients contain rosemary oil, coconut oil, green tea, Calderwood oils, and many more natural ingredients. All of these can fight against hair fall problems, dandruff problems. Together they can stop bacteria on your scalps, and they can reduce the Hair fall. And they can regrow some of your hair. If you want to buy those ingredients individually and want to prepare a shampoo for yourself, it will cost you more than made shampoo. So, it is clear that you should go for the shampoo itself. It is safe to use for all types of hair, it contains gentle formulas; they have designed this shampoo for meeting the requirements of both men and women. But there is one warm feedback on this product that it dries out your hair if you don’t use the conditioners to condition your hair.

Classic Lepogaine Big-3 Hair Loss prevention shampoo

You may have read about lepogaine big-5, but we cannot afford to miss this product to add to our list. Classic Big-3 Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo comes with the Biotin, castor oil, and Emu oil. If you are suffering from Hair Loss problems, if you are suffering from baldness, if you are looking for Best Balding Shampoos, you should go for this product. It’s mild in texture and is free from harsh chemicals. They have chemically and medically designed this shampoo for men and women both. So, it’s safe for both the genders. The formula to prepare the shampoo is gentle. They have made it easy to use for all types of hair, it will be as useful for curly hair as for the straight hair. It would be best if you did not use the shampoo very frequently, as it will dry out your hair. But you can use it repeatedly with the conditioners. So, it is the best option for your Hair Loss Prevention if you want to buy Best Balding Shampoos.


By understanding the Science of Balding, what causes the hair fall and all these hair fall shampoos we can conclude that people need to care for their hair along with the usages of these products. You can not re-grow all of the hairs that you lost. But still, there are possibilities to regrow your hair with the right products and ingredients. If people start taking care of their hair at the time of starting of their baldness, they can stop Hair Loss problems. They should take initiative to stop hair fall otherwise they have to face the baldness. Which actually no one likes to see. So, these were few facts about Can Hair Grow Back After Balding? And we have discussed best balding shampoo.

Is It Safe To Use Eye Care Products During Pregnancy?

Having the feeling of being a mother is blissful. It is purely alluring for one to go through the lovely phase of motherhood. When you are carrying a child in the womb, that is the time you go through a lot of emotions along with hormonal changes and fluctuations.

In the phase of pregnancy, you are already going through a lot of things, but in between, you cannot skip your own care in the process. Especially when talking about skin health, it surely gets disturbed, so it is important to go through the complete regime of skincare and eye care.

However, people wonder if going through the same routine during pregnancy good or not? Well, it is surely a thoughtful question, so we are here helping you with an optimal guide regarding using eye care products during pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Use Eye Care Products During Pregnancy?

What does skin go through during pregnancy?

Before we directly get started with a list of safe eye cream for pregnancy, we are here taking a look into changes that your skin goes through during pregnancy.

In addition, it is appropriate for people to understand the fact that pregnancy is a crucial phase where you have to be really precise regarding the products you are using. Some of the changes that your skin goes through are acne, varicose veins, stretch marks, pigmentations changes, and several others.

Additionally, change in your skin is majorly dependent upon skin type. Due to different skin types that are oily, sensitive, dry, combination, and normal, people tend to get different changes over their skin. You might bump into some pregnant ladies whose skin seems absolutely fine, whereas some might be going through excessive breakouts. It is largely dependent upon skin type you have.

Top recommendations for safe eye cream during pregnancy

We have gone through an essential look into the facts related to changes that skin undergoes in pregnancy. Let us now get started with a list of safe eye cream for pregnancy during pregnancy.

Goop perfecting eye cream

The first one in the listing we have is goop perfecting eye cream that is one of the top recommendations by dermatologists. We all are aware that skin goes under unexpected changes every day, and we cannot stop it; however, we can surely control it up to some extent. Those who are willing to get celeb look and want skin under looking perfect, then it is an ideal eye cream to choose for.

People have actually observed noticeable changes after using this product. The best part about the cream is that it is packed with natural extracts such as sandalwood, nut oil, olive oil, and butter that works well for the bags under the eye. Also, it provides optimal hydration to skin under the eye as that is more delicate, so moisturizer isn’t enough to get healthier skin. This is a perfect choice for pregnant ladies wanting non-toxic products for better skin.

Josh Rosebrook formula eye area treatment

Another one in the listing is josh Rosebrook eye area treatment, which is again a fab option to go along. Well, it is a glam option which might sound a bit funny due to its name. Those who have to loose skin under the eye can actually get this one as it provides firmness to the skin and also assists in rejuvenating your skin. It can effortlessly reduce puffy bags with frequent use only. It is provided in oil form that gets into a deeper layer of skin and feels light over the skin. Applying it under the skin wouldn’t feel greasy at all, so it is optimal to go for every skin type. It can also provide a finished look after its application. In a nutshell, it is a wholesome pack with numerous benefits.

Tammy fender awakening eye gel

Having breakouts during pregnancy is a causal thing for people with oily skin. For those tammy fender, awakening eye gel is the appropriate alternative to go for. It is provided in a gel form that is so light on your skin that it wouldn’t even feel its there. The active ingredients of the gel are helpful in hydrating skin well and rejuvenating skin cells for making it look better. It is toxic-free that makes is the precise choice for using it during pregnancy. The price of the gel is affordable for everyone. It is dermatologists’ prescribed creams that work optimally for skin changes during pregnancy.

So these are some of the top recommendations of safe eye cream for pregnancy for healthier skin.

Additionally, it should be kept in mind that using organic and pure products for skin under the eye isn’t going to harm the child anyway. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the ingredients used in the products and go for only quality products that are chemical-free.

Is It Safe To Use Eye Care Products During Pregnancy?

Bonus tip

Zillions of essential facts have been stated in regard to having healthier skin under the eye. So, here is a bonus tip for you that can help to take care of the skin under the eye; that is, if you have sensitive skin and during pregnancy, your skin isn’t accepting any product, then vitamin E oil can come in handy. Vitamin E is packed with optimal benefits that can come in handy for you and help your skin to deal with fluctuations going under the skin and make it healthier. So it is a go-to step for those as well who don’t really have a regime for skin under the eye.

The final verdict

In the final verdict, we can surely conclude that it would be wonderful for you to have the idea of using optimal eye care products. In addition, it is essential to go for a safe eye cream for pregnancy instead of one infused heavy chemicals for better and healthier skin. Well, it is an acknowledgeable fact that skin goes through a lot in your pregnancy phase, so it is better to stay calm and trust the process as you are about to create a life. We hope you find details stated above informative and useful for taking appropriate care of your skin during pregnancy and end up becoming a beautiful mother.

Natural Ways to Look Younger Than Your Age

Looking beautiful is a desire that everyone has, whether men or women both love getting complimented for their beauty. With time everyone’s beauty starts fading, and it doesn’t stay the same, so how can you fix the problem of looking aged and replicating it with looking younger than your age. In this article, we are sharing with you how to look younger than your age in natural ways.

Natural Ways to Look Younger Than Your Age

Signs of aging

 Before we know how to look younger first, we need to know the signs that make you look aged.

  • Fine lines: fine lines are considered to be a significant sign of aging, which can make you look sometimes aged more than your age. The fine lines are a result of overstressing or working till late. People who have a lot of stress and live in a depressed situation often get these signs early than others.
  • Wrinkles: as we now with time, the responsibilities and stress become a forever companion of yours, and you don’t follow up the right routine of skincare, so as a result, you get wrinkles. Also, the skin under eyes is ten times delicate than other skin, so you quickly get wrinkles in the mid-20s and early 30s.

Sagging skin: the most common sign of aging is sagging skin, which can make you looked aged. With time your skin starts dried out and losses the firmness and elasticity, so as a result, you get loose skin that makes you look aged.

Natural Ways to Look Younger Than Your Age

Protective measures

Here enlisting some preventive measures which can help you to control these signs.

  • Eating healthy
  • Having a positive attitude towards everything
  • Exercising daily
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Using face masks for wrinkles in accordance with your skin type

These are some preventive measures that can help you to control the signs of aging.

The reasons for premature skin aging

Aging is undoubtedly a huge problem in which you can also say premature skin problems. There could be multiple reasons which can get you premature skin. Below we are enlisting common reasons which are seen responsible for premature skin.

  1. Exposure to sun UV –rays: harmful sun rays that are ultraviolet rays that speed up the aging procedure, also it is deemed as the primary reason for the rapid aging signs. These harmful rays break out the connectivity of tissues of your face with collagen and elastin fibers that are found in the more deep layer of the skin.
  2. Overly expressive expressions: you might not consider these elements, but your way of responding to the different situations can have a massive effect on your skin. If you get depressed more and give more attention to a particular situation, then there’s a strong possibility that you get the aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines and many others.
  3. Smoking: if you are a regular smoker, then there is a strong possibility that you get early signs of aging. It creates an adverse effect on your lungs as well as your skin. Smoking affects your blood supply in the body, which concludes into wrinkles, fine line, sagging skin, and other symptoms of aging.
  4. Not having a proper lifestyle: what we do what we eat all day long also reflects upon your skin. Not eating healthy and having an unhealthy lifestyle can make you conclude improper skin and drier skin and losing elasticity in the skin, which reduces the radiance of your face.

Living habits to help young skin

Have you ever thought that your skin habits have a massive effect on your skin? It is famously said that you become what you eat or do in your daily life, so it is essential to have healthy living habits which can help you to avoid all the skin problems and live younger as you live because age is just a number.

Eat healthily: giving up on unhealthy eating habits and eating healthy can help you to have good glowing skin. Eating healthy can help your skin to stay young; eating green and organic can help you to repair your skin and develop new skin cells.

Regular exercise: regular work out can help you to stay in shape as well as stay healthy. Working out regular helps your immune system to function well and helps in removing the toxic substances from your body. Removal of toxins from the body also helps your skin as well as your body to stay young and good.

Not having proper skincare routine: for glowing skin, you need to take care of your skin correctly and need to follow the skincare routine. Which can help your skin stay younger than your age. You need to switch your skincare routine to proper skincare and also make regular use of best face masks, which can help your skin in getting hydrating.

Natural ways to look younger

Here we are sharing some effective tips which can make your look younger naturally.

  • Living a healthy lifestyle can help you to stat fit and will help you to maintain radiant skin and makes you look younger than your age.
  • Using proper skincare routine to avoid aging effects over your skin. In doing so, you should be using face masks for wrinkles for preventing your skin from the aging effect.
  • Hydrate your body is the crucial element for better-looking skin. Most people neglect this step, but if your body is suffering from dehydration, then there’s a strong possibility that you suffer from early symptoms of aging.


In this article, we have discussed multiple aspects of early aging and premature skin. If we want to maintain healthy and radiant skin, then you need to take healthy food, take care of skin regularly by using beauty products and other preventive measures, which can help you to look younger than your skin.

Bluetooth Helmets Are Good for You Now

Blue tooth helmets are starting to catch on. Over the years, motorcycle riders have been wanting a way to listen to music like their car counter parts. The best helmet with bluetooth can do a lot of things for you. Currently, motorcycle riders can listen to music on the road and have access to many other technologies connected to the web.

People who were the helmets have access to Google maps, GPS, some social media features, and radio. Some say they can listen to Youtube videos. I am not sure about that last one. Walky talkie function is now possible with blue tooth too. Connect with your buddies on the road and help them when they need it. Additionally, the tech connects to the satellite directly. Not sure if this applies to all bluetooth headsets. Indeed, The blue tooth technology has come a long way. More, information on bluetooth and how useful it is to motorcycle riders below.

Bluetooth Helmets Are Good for You Now

Can Call Others

You can call the other people as you ride on the road. When your riding on the terrain, you can find yourself getting lonely. Now, you won’t have to worry about that. You can still talk to your girlfriend. Blue tooth helmets now have technology that can call people from your phone at any time. The only limit would be the limit of your bluetooth receiving signal areas. Bluetooth connects directly with your cellphone. You need to test the bluettooth you have first before heading out. Some bluetooth helmets only connect to certain phones.

Make sure the helmet is the right one for your current phone. Calls are great. Better than great because you can call people without them knowing your on a bike. Some helmets have quiet sound tech the makes it hard for the person on receiving end to know that your on a bike. Not something you need but something you can have if you got the cash for it.

Enhancing, you should be aware that traveling in country areas might disrupts communication. Calls can be made in about 1,000 feet range or more. These helmets work just like cellphones. They have a strong connection in city areas. Now, there are some that work in country areas but the odds of that one helmet working in all country areas is low. Expect to have issues when trying to communicate in country areas.

 Some Bluetooth Helmets Are Very Safe

Companies are always trying to make motorcycle helmets that are the best helmet with bluetooth and safe. BILT 2.0 bluetooth helmet has material that is protective enough for skulls and spines. Made from polycarbonate material and constructed to cover the whole face. Polycarbonate is a very strong light weight material. It is used for bullet proof windows for that matter. Air technology has been installed to ensure the driver does not overheat. You can imagine a level of heat when technology is being used with a bluetooth helmet. Great that they consider the comfort of you. As a result, your getting the best communication and protective helmet that your money can buy that happens to be a little light weight.

 They Must Be Charged Via USB

All bluetooth helmets you buy must be charged via USB. You have to charge them by USB because most of the bluetooth helmets come in bluetooth USB. Relax, USB cords are everywhere and just about every company uses them now. Buying a replacement charger for your helmet should not be a big deal with most people using USB equipment now a days. The helmet is designed to last on battery for about 8 hours. But, you should expect the battery to really last about 3 hours. The exact length of your batter power is based on the brand you use. Above all, expect to get a bluetooth helmet with USB charging.

A Few Things You Should Never Do With Your Beard

All the men who wear beards know there comes a time when you need some beard maintenance. Yes, it is nice to have a beard. Although, it should not be nice to let your beard look like the Walking Dead season 9. You know the season where nobody pays attention to it and the main character Rick Grimes is shagged with the ugliest beard you ever seen. Never let that beard grow on you. Trim beard and wash with the best beard shampoo and conditioner to get the best beard shine. Imperative, that you perform this task each week or at least each month. You got to have your beard looking like you care about your life to the public. Some tips I think you should follow to give you good beard conditions.

Don’t Pick a Beard Style That Doesn’t Fit

All men want a beard, but they must make sure the beard they wants fits them. Does the beard style fit you? Is it something you would wear even if people laughed at you? These are serious questions you need to ask if you want to grow beard. When you start growing that beard, your going to deal with a lot of judgments. So, you better be ready to wear that beard. The only way to fight it is to use a beard that makes you comfortable in your skin. Don’t try something that looks good on another man. Try something that makes you stronger in every aspect. Something makes you feel that you are not required to follow trends. That you are an individual that wants to be someone and that your life matters. Choosing a beard style specific to that will help you decide.

A Few Things You Should Never Do With Your Beard

Go the Gym and Work Out

Working out at the gym or in general is a shore. But, your beard needs the good work out. Sweat makes the body burn out chemicals it doesn’t need and gain chemicals it needs for growth. You want your body to grow and be better? Head out to that gym and make it happen. Get your muscles pumped in arms, legs, chest, and then some. Make every part of your body become better and get rid of bad chemicals lying deep in it. Increase the beard hairs on face that want to grow by making the body strong. Studies have been shown that working out increases testosterone which increases the will power for hair on your face to grow. Make your hair grow longer and patch up the spots that need to be patched by working out week to week. Now, you don don’t have to work out every week. But, if you did you would gain a higher chance of growing more facial hair. With this in mind, work out each week to help your beard look more like a beard. Beard is part of man hood and so it comes with the pain.

Don’t Drink Too Much Beer

Drinking too much beer is not a great idea. Beer makes your water levels go down. Find yourself full of thirst and chapped lips. If you can not stop drinking beer, then wash beard regularly each week with best beard shampoo and conditioner. Should help your beard hydrate to a level where it can grow better. By all means, try to keep the beer drinking to minimum. I know you like the taste and thoughts going out the door. But, your beard does not like it. It longs for something that makes mind better and stronger. Beer is only good in small instances like cigarettes. Too much will cause problems. So, try to drink less beer. Find so0mething else to bite on or drink. Me, I like to drink coke and lemonade. Sometimes, I found my self drinking cranberry juice. Choose something else to drink then beer.

Grow a Thick Beard By Using This Guide

Men are growing bears everywhere now, so grow you a beard and relax. It’s a slow trend but its growing by the day. You see men at corporations with beards. Men in movies with beards. Your next door neighbor is trying to grow a beard. That one kid with the football jersey is trying to grow a straggly beard. In truth, beards are becoming part of the culture. Not just on a USA level. But, on a world wide level. Now, everybody is wondering why are more men doing it and the answer is simple. Men want to be more like themselves or their lazy. Any who, if you want to grow a beard, now would be the time. Methods to grow and use beard are listed on the bottom.

Grow a Thick Beard By Using This Guide

Be Patient and Let it Grow

Above all, let your beard grow and be patient with it. Its not going to happen next week. Beard needs weeks and months to grow full. The first two years of growing a beard are going to be the hardest two years of your life. People are going to say all sorts of things to stop you from growing that uneven beard. But, you got to ignore them and let it grow. You must be willing to face all humiliation if you are going to succeed in somethings in life.

This really applies to growing a beard. Your going to get hurt and your going to realize your limits and what can really hurt. But, at the end of all this pain, you will see a part of you that wanted you to become something better. A man who does what he wants and tries things that might not work out. The inner you wants you to do things that could not work out. The fear must be striped form you to become the man you want to be. Wear that beard with pride and do what you want. Put on best natural oil for beard growth to speed up the long process.

Trim Your Beard Every So Often

As you grow it out, you need to trim it. Trim it by using hair clippers or by using old scissors. In my own opinion, a man should use hair clippers to save time and get beard even. The reason you need to trim is to make your face look presentable. There are jobs that hire men with beards now. But, you must realize they want you to come to work with a beard that is trimmed.

To add more, make sure you can work there with a little beard. Ask them ahead of time. Don’t go to work with a beard and upset your employer. Ask the employer by phone way weeks before you start growing your beard out to be safe. Back to main point, you want to look good for all sorts of activities. Make yourself be presentable when you go to the fast food place or on a date. Nobody likes a man who has a unkept beard. Unless, that man is very old. OId men do not have to trim their beards. People understand its time for them to live out their life. At all times, trim your beard and make each side even for presence.

Use Beard Oils Weekly

Beard oils have minerals packaged in side to kick start your beard growing adventure. Using the best natural oil for beard growth can increase beard growth by 5 times. Preferably, use beard oil on beard 3 times a week. Be aware of the quantity of beard oil you use as well. For example, if there is barely hair growing on face, I suggest you apply 3 to 4 beard oil drops to face. Don’t pile on a lot of beard oil first. That will have your hairs all clogged up and irritate the skin. Give your face time to adjust to the new chemical your injecting in it. Let it adapt to it monthly. After 8 months, you are ready to apply 6 to 8 beard oil drops to face area. Do this, to have a beard growing with no itch and in even segments.

Growing a Beard for Beginners

Ok, you want to grow a beard and who could blame you. Beards are very trendy now. You see them on pop stars and movie stars around the world. Yeah every man wants one to be like the greats. However, not every man has the power to grow one. DNA is the reason why. Some men are not capable of growing a beard for long term. Sadly, I wish I could grow a beard too but I can’t. I can only use best natural oil for bead growth and other methods to grow something more. Watch the hairs on my face patch in little by little. Deal with whatever missing hair I can’t grow back. For the most part, I have manage to get a few spots to grow. Surely, the oils and steps I use each week can help you. Below I have an oil that can cause ti to grow more a little.

Eat Sweet Potatoes for Beard Growth

Eating does help you grow more hair. Only applies to eating some foods. For instance, certain foods like sweet potatoes you ate on Thanksgiving can give you a burst in beard growth. Beta-carotene is high in sweet potatoes and your body needs it for facial hair growth. One reason your hair is not growing enough is because the hair is not receiving all of its chemicals. Help your body receive necessary chemicals by eating sweet potatoes. Further, vitamin A is in sweet potatoes and you need vitamin in to make blood circulate faster. A high speed in blood circulation means a high chance of dormant face hairs to grow. Eat sweets for a few months and see what happens. This method might work for you.

Do Certain Exercises to Make Beard Grow

Exercise can assist a man in growing facial hair. Exercise is not just for the body. Resistance training is the new training you can take in the gym or at home. Do it to increase beard growth. In short, resistance training is when you move weights in slow motion. Pull your muscles in slow movements and hold weight. Feel the weight having more gravity then it would if you lifted the weights in fast sessions. Daily, apply resistance training to your routine to have more hair grow on face. Pain will feel different and rough. But, you’re a man and these feeling you have come with every big choice you make.

Additionally, you can sleep for longer hours. Sleeping longer than the usual 8 hours can cause body to grow more. Most testosterone is produced when you sleep. Body needs more sleep to gain more testosterone which helps your beard grow.

Maximize Genetics to Grow More Facial Hair

Maximizing genetics to grow more face hair you got sounds like a strange thing to say, but it is not a strange thing because you can do it. One way, use the best natural oil for beard growth on the market. Spread the oil on your face each day while washing. Soothing oil will seep in and eliminate all substances preventing facial from growing. Process won’t happen too soon. Although, it will happen if you give it 6 months. Another way, wash the beard often. You might wash ti every night but you should make sure you do a deep clean. Use the best beard shampoo and clean it inside out. At the end, your beard will be more capable of growing the way you want it too.

You Have to Feel the Pain to Heal From the Pain

I had a really bad day on Monday and I know it’s already Thursday and well, who cares about last Monday but I wanted to write about it because it was an extreamly lonely day.

Maybe it’s because my parents left and I quickly found myself sitting in my apartment all alone, but the overwhelming feeling of sadness was making me question everything in my life. I looked around my newly decorated apartment that I had been dreaming of living in, and instead of feeling excited, proud and ready, I was scared, alone and totally freaked out.

It kind of felt like it was the first day I had ever spent in Colorado. I suddenly forgot about all the progress and success I had been making over the last 8 months and instead of celebrating this big step forward, I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to screw it all up.

I spent a good portion of the day crying and the other half of the day feeling numb. I hadn’t felt this way in SO long that it was almost too much for me to handle. I texted my cousin Jamie 15 times to make her remind me that it was going to be just fine and that it was just a bad day, and although I knew she was right, I couldn’t shake this feeling.

I decided to “put the day away” and when I woke up the next morning, not only did I feel better, but for the first time since moving to Colorado or really in my life, I felt a sense of wholeness that I had never experienced before. I can’t really explain the feeling, but it made me realize that although I’ve been in the happiest place of my life since moving here, I was also still using a lot of things over the last 8 months to fill a lot of differnet voids (such as ice cream and animal crackers).

I’ve been so scared to let myself feel the pain I felt on Monday that instead of allowing myself to own it, feel it and move forward from it, I’ve just been surpressing it. But this time I knew it was different. I was no longer scared to cry or be a little sad. In-fact, I felt kind of ready.

I didn’t need stupid ice cream anymore or whatever else it was in my life that I was using to fill this void. I knew that the progress I was making over the last 8 months was leading me to this very moment. The moment of self worth. The moment of letting myself feel the happiness that I deserved.

The point I’m tryng to make is that if you’re trying your best, digging deep and truly taking steps forward, no matter how painful it may be at times, you WILL become the person you want to be.  Because the really simple thing about pain and what we use to cover it up, is that it never goes away untill you’re brave enough to get a little uncomfortable.

So, the next time you’re sad or upset or angry, don’t reach for something that’s going to be a quick fix. Don’t shove those cookies into your mouth or skip the things that make you better because you have to rememeber that sometimes the only way out, is in.

Break the weight,


Why You Should Just “Do It” Sometimes.

I was thinking about all the reasons I should force myself to sit down and blog right now. To be honest, I haven’t been inspired for the past week, which seems to happy to me more than I would like.

Sometimes I’m in it, I love it and the words just flow. And sometimes I want to run away, say screw it and just not do it at all.

So here I am, and instead of just not doing it because I’m over it, I’ve decided to just write about it because I need some accountability.

Change is hard. Isn’t it? Trust me, you’re not the only who thinks that. But what I’m starting to see is that if you don’t at least try to change and just accept the ebbs and flows of it all, you’ll never know what you can do, where you can go and who you can be.

Don’t just throw in the towel or walk away because you’re not in the mood. You have to remember that it’s not about being motivated all the time or even excited all the time. It’s about being stronger than our excuses. Braver than our fears and more resilient than last time.

So let’s just say no to those bad choices we’re about to make and be a little stronger than  the voice in our heads that tend to bring us down.

Besides, did you have a better plan?

Break the weight,