Sweet on the Inside

In case you haven’t heard (because we all know I let mostly everyone know what I’m up to) but JUST in case you missed it, I’ve decided to quit sugar for the next 30 days.

I KNOW, RIGHT? I feel the same.

Let’s back up here for a second because really, it’s not as wild as it seems. In-fact, I’m taking this experiment week by week and by no means have I been perfect.  But I’m VERY proud to report that I haven’t had anything sweet (cake, cookies, fruit, ice cream, or candy) for 9 days now! That’s a HUGE deal in my book.

I’ve always been a big fan of sweets and also a firm believer in eating the foods you love and not depriving yourself, but this sugar challenge for me doesn’t represent deprivation. I’m doing this to understand the connection between my body, mind and the foods I consume. I’m doing this to become better. Healthier. Wiser and, well.. sweeter without all the sweets.

I was in my kitchen last night around 8 pm (Side note: Never be in your kitchen at 8 pm) and I wasn’t really hungry, but I was having BIG time cravings.  I tried to go on a walk, snuggle with Logan and pretty much do anything to avoid stuffing my face with pretzels.

But I caved and just couldn’t help myself and started eating ALL the pretzels.  I was about to put the last one into my mouth, when it finally hit me: These cravings aren’t physical right now, they’re emotional.

I had no sugar around me and knew I wasn’t hungry, but I had the pretzels anyways. It made me realize that giving up sugar is opening my eyes to all the other areas in my life that it used to fill. Not having that to fall back on is forcing me to change old habits and take a deeper look into why I eat.

This experiment has taken on a whole new meaning to me now because it’s showing me all the sweetness that I’m really looking for on the inside.  Sometimes when we remove our crutch, we give ourselves the chance to rediscover who we are and what we want.

Those stupid (but yummy) pretzels were never going to fill me up,  no matter how many I ate and the sugar never leaves me feeling sweeter.

Because the reality is that I’m worth more than some stupid Walgreens pretzels.

And so are you.

Break the weight,